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Global Coverage is the most significant advantage of using satellite links at any location on Earth. A single satellite in the geostationary orbit can cover distances as large as whole oceans or continents. 

This wide area coverage makes high-speed Internet access from remote locations quick and easy. It is also possible to connect many remote locations spread across large distances through a secure private link. 

Due to the curvature of the Earth, uneven terrain, oceans and many natural and man-made obstacles, it is difficult to set up a direct communication path over long distances. For such requirements, satellite is the most effective option.

The first thing you would notice about Satellite Internet is Speed.

Having a broadband connection at any location is great, the advantage of taking it anywhere is even better.

Internet via satellite is possible through fixed and mobile equipment. The end user location is connected to the Internet as long as the VSAT dish has a clear line of sight 

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NetWorks was created from the need to go live on broadcast as well as mobile platforms from remote places with no Internet Infrastructure.  Having traveled across the globe and recognizing this void for End Users looking to “stay connected,” our company developed a platform to make that possible. NetWorks uses commercial satellite terminals remotely to establish a high speed data link between clients and the backbone of the Internet.

Our Story

Satellites have brought Internet access to places where IP communications seemed impossible. Satellite communication ensures that businesses and end users are connected when the primary terrestrial access is unavailable. Satellite is an ideal primary form of connectivity if you work in remote locations. When you know it takes weeks to get a terrestrial broadband connection installed or the provider admits that it cannot be delivered at all, NetWorks Internet is your solution!

Our Vision

Satellite can act as an excellent back up option in places where the quality of internet access is unreliable and/or poor. NetWorks ensures that businesses and end users are connected to the Internet when primary internet access is unavailable.


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